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The year of the bat

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i smile as i title this post, as it is pulled from my memory of something Master said in a podcast.

It has been – in many ways – the year of the bat.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and i could write this then, i suppose, but i’ll be busy with my life. It’s my birthday (tomorrow) and i’ll spend the first half of it with friends doing a thrift store crawl… and then heading to the movies. i’ll have dinner and then? The plan is to get off the roads before too many drinks are consumed by motorists.

This serves as my end-of-the-year post. 

i wanted to give a virtual hug to everyone who has been part of the past year – and a hearty hello to the folks who are just joining my path. It’s been a great year and the next one promises more of the same.

i’ve said YES to so many cool experiences as they’ve presented themselves to me, and i’ve sought out more on my own. i’ve welcomed life and i’ve said goodbye to a few creatures as well. i’ve opened some really awesome doors and closed a couple as well.

i began this year as Belum Sang’s kame bat.

i end the year as my Master’s slave bat.

That shift – though imperceptible to many in my community – was profound for me. i have given myself over to not only Him, but to myself. i am living a far more authentic life than i ever thought possible. my only sorrow is that i did not choose to do so sooner… but i wasn’t ready then.

i reach this birthday tomorrow and turn 46. i am closer to fifty than anything else… and somehow that doesn’t give me pause at all. i have so much life ahead and i am so fucking ready for all of it… damn… it is a good life. i’ve only just begun.

From the soundtrack of my childhood:

We’ve only Just Begun by The Carpenters

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