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seems to me you’d stop and see how beautiful they are

sick batJanuary 1st is nearly over. i had the day “off” work but have spent a fair amount of it working.  i’ve managed to start the year with a cold but i think i’ll live – at least another day.

Today, i’ve seen many posts that start with some variant of “2013 sucked…”

i’ve seen far fewer that talk about the year in glowing terms. i had a pretty damn good year, and some shitty stuff happened too. i wonder… was the year really that bad for folks? Or are they simply being negative?

i chose not to make any New Year’s Resolutions this year. It’s not that i have nothing that needs work (gotta love the random double-negative), but i see the whole “January 1st” threshold as so arbitrary now. i’d like to have some monthly goals, weekly goals, hell… how about a new day’s resolution each and every day of the year?

So… no resolutions but i’d like to continue with what i’ve been doing…

i want to continue to STOP in the moments in-between STUFF so i can experience life in all its grandeur and minutia.

i want to continue to cherish myself and to remember that i am important… my needs and wants are valid… my love is real and valuable… my life is sacred.

i want to continue to surround myself with positive things and people that feed my life and my soul.

A few moments ago, i found myself humming this song and recalling how we used to sing it in school – in rounds. As i thought about it, it lost the childlike silliness and i thought… this is one of the lessons i started learning in 2013: to stop and see the beauty in the world around me rather than just measuring it… analyzing it… and i want more of this in 2014.

Inchworm (As Performed on The Muppet Show with Danny Kaye)

“Sick bat” graphic from:

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