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ice batIt’s a hot cold mess out there. i hope that everyone is staying safely warm. i find myself worrying about the animals out there (the feathered and furry and even the hairless… the four-legged and two-legged). It’s dangerously cold.

i am reminded of how blessed i am – which is a good reminder as i have been dealing with some financial issues of late. It is good to remember that i’ve got the basics covered. We are warm and safe. We are fed and clothed. We have the ability to obtain entertainment, even… we are blessed beyond belief.

Today i’m venturing out in the frigid world since one of our four-legged critters is very ill. All logic is against this. Baby, it’s cold outside

Norah Jones (with Willie Nelson) and Baby, It’s Cold Outside

* bat pops in to add this note: yes, this song often makes the list of songs-that-push-consent-boundaries.  my inclusion of it here is not in that spirit whatsoever but because i’ve been humming it ever since i cracked the door to let the dog out this morning. Peace. bat out.

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