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The Bunkhouse Rules

53984_17100-bunkhouse-rules-sign_largei spent another weekend with kindred spirits in a nice secluded spot on the planet.

Most of the time was spent in the bunkhouse… the most interesting place in its simplicity of form but complexity of function.

In that place, people share trials and triumphs, engage in philosophical and metaphysical discussions that make my head hurt (just a bit) and hug and laugh and cry.

There is agony and there is ecstasy.

There is love and acceptance.

It is the most interesting place and i wonder how many tiny spots on the planet – just like this one – exist. Gosh, i hope they do.  i hope they are sprinkled all about the globe… soft places for spirits to fall into the embrace of other spirits. Places that replenish… places that rejuvenate…

This place became an instant home-away-from-home for bat.  L and J and the tribe that gathers there? i am honored to be welcomed by them.

Love is a Place by Metric

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