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your distant devil must be draggin’ you along

images (2)Today… this week… this time…this place… this now… is all changing.

i’m changing.

Master is going through changes. A dear friend is also going through major changes and i am wishing i could be more present on her path but my footing on my own is tenuous at best today.

i’ve got some shit going on (don’t we all?) and i’m sleep-deprived and feeling angst that would rival that of any black-lipstick-wearing-teenage-goth. Le’ Sigh. 

Change sucks. Change that is desired? That is hard enough to process, but when life hands you something that feels like less than the best-case-scenario, i suppose it is human nature to wish to scrawl return-to-sender on that box and send it back.

There’s thunder rolling outside… yes, February thunder. Even my dog knows this in nonsensical but we hunker down and i opt to work a bit more from here before heading out to the work desk. i’m listening to older music and this melancholy song comes to me… and somehow it fits in my thinking this morning. Regrets? Yes… truth be told, i have them. Fear of Change? Yes, guilty as charged. i’m trying not to beat myself up about it all… trying to recognize the changes that are within my control and to yield graciously to those that i have no power over.

But… nod to Melissa Etheridge… i will never be the same.


“i will never be the same” by Melissa Etheridge

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