Music / Real life

Good Morning, slave

download“Good morning, slave” flashes across my screen. i smile. i hold the phone in hand marveling at the warm flush i feel… until the screen goes dim.

i frown.

i wake the phone back up and smile again.  He is beautiful to me and i am enjoying learning Him… complicated Creature that He is. i marvel once more… at how He moves in my life.

i pause in my morning – where just moments ago i said aloud to my dog, “i don’t have time” as she tried to coax me into petting her.

i pause and think of Him as i pet her then. She melts into my touch.  She wants so little from me. i ponder and i understand it. It is the nature of our relationship. It is the nature of my relationship with Him as well. i am at my best, it seems, when i am at His feet.

No, i am not a dog. Smile. Not a dog… not a doormat… not a [fill in the blank with whatever descriptor leaps to mind from Lifetime movies or an AP release about that poor poor girl who fell in with the wrong sort].

i am where i wish to be. i serve Him. i gift Him with my love. i …pause to inhale as i’ve never quite felt this for anyone else and my brain might just explode … i adore Him.

His fist, it is not iron

His glove, it is not velvet

Somewhere twixt the two, i’d say, a human hand encased in leather

Caress or strike? i thirst for both in equal measure

His orders never thunder

His demands are never cruel

His commands blossom like forget-me-nots from His lips

my will is not crushed; it is dovetailed into His own

i am His because i am His

John Legend’s version of Bridge Over Troubled Water

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