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i can’t be right for somebody else

prove them wrongi stumbled across this on pinterest and was about to pin it when i stopped dead in my tracks.

Sometimes you have a moment when the gears catch… and you are forced to flip something on its head and see it for something altogether different.

At first blush, i really did dig the message… Fuck’em… prove ’em wrong  but in the second after? i thought, what the hell?

How about this:

How about i don’t concern myself with proving anybody wrong?

How about i prove myself right, instead?

It’s a distinction that might only be significant to me, but i see it like a flashing neon sign.

i don’t want to waste time worrying about what other people think and their preconceived notions about my capabilities. i don’t want to expend energy in  an effort to force them to see my worth.  i want to set goals and focus on those. i want to see the possibilities in front of me… i want to say, “Hey, i can do that” and then… i want to prove myself right.

That’s all

i gotta do me

Sammy Davis, Jr. “I Gotta be Me”

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