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april showers bring…

It’s been nearly a full month since i posted.

It’s not as if nothing has happened… far from it.

Mostly, i’ve been very busy with work and weekend trips.

i started the month with a day-long “subs in service” workshop which fed me in the most interesting of ways.

i had my fair share of illicit  fun in Muncie, Indiana two weekends ago with the people i care about most… and some folks that i really dig… and some folks i never met before and now call friends.

This past weekend found me at Debauchery in North Carolina were i got to have all manner of naughty fun. Oooo-doggy, but did i have some fun. i got to step outside of my comfort zone and have no regrets whatsoever.

The weekday nights have been similarly full this month – and i’ve simply not stopped to visit here.

The weeks ahead will be full as well. This weekend will be spent in Cleveland at Kinko de Mayo for instance.

There are lots of things swirling in my brain, and i’ve had many emotional moments – thank the gods for therapy – as i start to unpack some of the baggage i’ve been schlepping around. It was April. It was raining… figuratively and literally. i don’t know what’s coming, but i’m trying to find the sweetness, even in the darker moments because they do exist. Just as easily as i can get triggered by something that takes me to a cobwebbed corner of my mind… i can be smacked up-side-the-head by some of the most beautiful and unexpectedly wonderful things.

Singing in the Rain (Gene Kelly)

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