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If you want to kiss the sky, better learn how to kneel

i’ve entered my third year of service to Master.

i’ve worn His collar every day… for more than two years.

First… it was a slender red length of yarn, then a silver anklet that nestled into a tin when it was replaced by the current steel cuff.

Ah, and His proper leather circles my throat when our world permits it… but always always always… regardless of the symbolic items that fasten around my body, i belong to Him.

i am His slave bat.

There have been many moments in the past few weeks when i sat staring at a screen, then at paper… trying to give voice to all the feelings (i have “all the feels” as my spawn would say), but every sentence started has been abandoned. Nothing really conveys the depth of my gratitude to be in this place with this Man.

No amount of telling could have prepared me for this journey and i’m glad i didn’t really know where i was going… because i could no sooner have understood it then, than i can describe it now.

It is sweetness. It is work. It is goodness. It is growth.

i marked this moment with Master on the day He chose. i marked it many times in the stillness by myself. i mark it here now – after the fact – because i wish to affirm it in this place as well.

Thank You, Master

Thank You my Liege, our Priest Master, Ekur Qadesh, my sweet Belum Sang.

You had my obedience from the moment i sat my mind and heart on serving You.  i respected You then and – in time – i came to trust and love You more deeply than i thought possible. i surrendered.

i am not fettered by Your collar or leash… i am liberated.

i chose then – thinking i knew… but hardly understanding.  i reaffirm that choice now… eyes wide open.

i remain,

Your slave bat



Mysterious Ways (U2)

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