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luminous love light

inki am going to break bread tonight with honored guests.

i place imaginary placecards for each of them… one for the Lady and one for her phoenix. i set one for the soulful dolly, another for the woman with hair of flame that sparks me and one for her king. Here’s one for she who follows Lilith and one for her wolf. i place another card for a primal inked creature who claims to come in whispers but rings in my ears as moans.

i will hold sweet Belum Sang and His alpha slave close to me… wearing them where my heartbeat pounds in each wrist. Master’s leather around my throat will remind me to breathe. i take with me a blanket that enveloped my daughter when she came home once from a round of chemotherapy… to remind me that she is strong and her mother is strong.

i fret a bit over the details, but not so much as i thought i would. i have not hosted this particular kind of dinner before but i know that the most important elements are in place… me… them. We will enjoy fellowship and i am honored to be joined by all of them. i do not know how it will end and that – surprisingly – is okay. my intent is clear.

And so i quiet the voices in my head … leave my front door unlocked… and wait for dusk

We are Opening up in Sweet Surrender… (Rainbow Spirit Oregon)

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