Music / Real life

my tongue is cold

IMAG1528Maybe it is just the noise of hormones or the the sadness that touches me today. It could be the residual heat from sparks that were sent flying… or perhaps it is just the wanting…

i do not know.

i am recalling a glowing circle of warmth in the midst of chilling country night. i close my eyes and evoke firelight on breast and flank…  inked skin slipping in and out of the shadows of the night as the fire was tended. Our normal chatter became subdued and the laugh-track was replaced with musings about a love affair that was ever-so-important and yet impossible to sustain. The night sky filled with stories and stars and bats and then smoke. i planted myself naked and flat on the earth. i watched and listened and waited.

To be tended like that fire… sparks and flickers of flame… roaring to life… guarded… stoked … sustained and then left smoldering…

i thought of it then. i think of it now… to feel that warm glow again… because today my tongue is cold.


Keep The Streets Empty For Me (Fever Ray)

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