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touch my world with your fingertips

IMG_6179-Blood-orangesJust this thought as i wrap up my day and eat a small bowl of blood orange sorbet… that the carton proclaimed it to be a seasonal item. The next time i reach for it at the store? It may be gone. Some of the most delicious things in life are seasonal. It makes them all the sweeter knowing this.

Some of the most powerful things are fleeting: flames, kisses, even heartbeats. It is for this reason, i suppose, that i wish to experience – as much – as often – as deeply as i can

So… i savor the taste of the sweet sorbet as it melts across my tongue and runs liquid down my throat… just like i’ll relish the next time i see skin flushed… for it signals that blood is pumping.

Who Wants to Live Forever? (Queen)


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