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touch love

middle of the roadAfter a weekend up North, i pointed my car towards Columbus and drove into a darkening night. i don’t often drive alone and certainly not at night. Having that much time alone with myself was oddly disconcerting. i flipped through radio stations trying to find something besides preachers and country music… and narrowly avoiding some horrific talk radio (omg… seriously, those people are nuts).

i settled on an oldies station and watched the landmarks along the road sink into the night until it was just headlights reflecting off white and yellow lines. i drank coffee and listened to sappy songs. Hell, i even sang a few.

Somewhere midway home, Leo Sayer came on the radio. i had forgotten this song altogether, and its genre (y’know… soft, soothing, and just ever-so-sweet) is not usually my cup of tea. Still… as i slipped farther into the night and more miles laid behind me than in front? i was so sad. i just wanted touch.

i rolled the song around in my mouth for a bit as he sang..marveling at how i – so fucking jaded at times – was getting all emotional over a ballad from the seventies. Over the last two days, i sang it in my head a few times, and finally i dug it up online and plopped it here.

Who would have thought? bat is all goo-goo eyes and listening to Leo-Fucking-Sayer.

As LLdP would say, “It’s just so wrooooooooooooong.”

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