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anymore anyless

i am in a fairly odd mood. i am freakishly busy with life and work and attempting to get the spawn settled after our plans went south (with the kia’s car-fail). Still, i’m not depressed or frantic. i almost feel as if i should be more worried about things. So much of it is absolutely outside of my control.

The spawn is leaving, a friend entered rehab today, L is moving out-of-state, and work is shifting gears once more. i do have constants right now, though. Master and bd, my Firestarter... smile… and mother. Ah, but there’s a tiny bit of melancholy that has settled in on me this afternoon.
blue fire flames

i switched the theme on my blog – wishing to rid if of the saturated darkness… the deep burgundy, the gray, and the black. i’m still not happy with it, but we’ll see… i can play around until its virtual skin fits me better.

Back to work…

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