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it’s always somebody else’s list

i was reflecting this morning on the fact that i toss around words like fuck and bitch and slut and cunt with reckless abandon… in certain situations, of course. i call my friends and lovers all manner of profane things and they do the same to me.

i wonder if i offend readers… the ones that stumble across my blog after entering a search string like “Jesus Master Love” or sumpin’.

i wonder if i offend readers that know me but simply have different sensibilities.

i think the intent is critical but not everyone within ear (or eye) shot of me necessarily knows what my intent is, do they? Hm.

i hope i don’t offend, but it’s not the most pressing concern in my life right now… so without further ado…









As George Carlin said, the issue with the list of words is “…it’s always somebody else’s list…”

And if you’d like to express your venom with some cleaner alternatives… try out some of Tim Hawkins’ suggestions here (facepalm… oh why the fuck not?):


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