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naked bomb

10158The spawn moved out recently, so it was funny when i came across this post from April that was still stuck in my DRAFT file. i’m not sure why i didn’t post it when i wrote it. i miss these weird conversations in the bat-cave.


Spawn: You should go to the store now.

me: i’m going later

Spawn: Now would be better

me: Why now?

Spawn: I need to wash my hair while you are at the store

me: Wash it now… why wait?

Spawn: i want to wash it while you are gone so i can walk around naked after

me: what do you think would happen if i saw you naked?

Spawn: The world would end – everybody – dead –  Let’s not let that happen

me:  Wow… everybody? In the whole world, eh? Even the dogs (pointing to ours on the floor)

Spawn: Especially the dog – they are sensitive to bombs – and she’d be right near the explosion



It’s the end of the world as we know it

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