Fantasies / Music

that one won’t count

under the covers4It was annoying as fuck… you sitting in the bed next to me reading. Were you really reading? Pretending, i suspected.

Simple enough… touch myself…

So flippant, you were.

“That pussy isn’t going to fuck itself and i’m not fucking you until you cum for me, bitch”

i was horny as hell but wanted teeth scraping on my back and tongue tasting my skin. i needed fingers tangled up in my hair and a knee buried in between my legs.

“Is something the matter, my dear?”

Sarcasm… a strong suit… i hoped your reading was dreadfully tedious business.

i rolled my head to the side … away from you… and my left fingers clenched at the sheets between us while my right hand tormented my clit.

Petulant… not wanting to give you the satisfaction … i brought myself so quietly there that i managed to nearly ride out that first orgasm without you realizing it… until the shuddering couldn’t be stopped and a whimper escaped my throat.

“Oh, did you think you could sneak one by me, bitch?”

That low laugh… and a smack to my thigh…

“Well, then… that one won’t count.”

Crazy Bitch.

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