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what’s the use of jivin’?

i’ve had multiple occasions recently to pause – to think of my response to a situation – to practice right action and right speech.

Sometimes it’s not a biggie… like a recent hint of road rage that got quashed easily when i simply did not engage. Other times it is more difficult, like when it feels like someone i care about is being attacked in some form or fashion.

Regardless of the size of the skirmish – and despite my initial eagerness to engage in battle  – i find that once the dust has settled, i am glad i didn’t draw blood. i am finding that i can live with a bruised ego or a little bit of butt-hurt far easier than i can live with regret over hurting someone else.

IMAG3056A few days ago, i was engaged in a discussion about just this topic when i passed this drive-in movie marquee in Northern Ohio.

Such was the timeliness of the visual, i had to stop and take the picture and forward it to the person on the other end of my conversation. It was like a sign from the universe… we can take the high road.

Not always easy… this business of right speech and right action. It still feels unnatural and somewhat cowardly even, when my old habit was to fight for what was right (translation: what seemed right and what felt right for me at the time).

i suppose, though, that i’d rather draw my own blood… while biting my tongue… than gut another person just to prove i can make them bleed.

Baby steps… but on the high road.

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