Music / Real life

i wanna run to you

berry-break-335i’m nowhere near as strong as some people think i am…

There. Said it.

bat is not a shark.

The fact that i can affect that persona is a testament to acting skills, perhaps, a bit of bravado…but little else.

i realize that we all come into this world alone.

We leave the same way.

Ah… but while we are here -damnit – we connect (if we’re lucky) and i struggle with attachment…

i struggle with wanting to be in the moment… to remain “unattached” inasmuch that i’ve learned that attachment can be unhealthy.

i have no desire to be codependent and i’ve no desire to elicit that feeling in others, but here i am… warmed oddly by the thought that there is someone out there that wants to be here… and aware that i am here wishing to be there…

i know that it is silly to feel like i can keep anyone safe… to keep anyone from harm… but still… here i am… happily twisted up in the “i need you” of this precise moment in time.



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