Real life

she be

She be earth and fire

She be blood and sweat

She be tears

She be uproarious laughter

She be raw intellect and honed intelligence

She be far smarter than the average bear

She be love for trees

She be friend to animals

She be compassion for people

She be willing to love again and again

She be top and bottom

She be he

She be she

She be flesh upon which i draw my heart

She be fingers that trace the same

She be cunt and cock

She be heat that rises from the womb and washes me in want

She be prey that falls under me and rides my hand

She be couch buddy and bedfellow

She be carrier and lifter

She be dish fairy and trashman

She be lifelong student

She be child

She be warrior

She be scared of spiders

She be unafraid of dragons

She be protector and protected

She be proud at the end of a leash

She be fierce in a ponytail

She be pain and pleasure

She be Q

She be ink that undulates

She be one whose hair flows in the wind

She be raw hurt that cries for healing

She be soft eyes that look deeply into mine

She be imperfect

She be magick

She be fae

She be not from around here

She be my muse

She be my mirror

She be my bitch

She be my love


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