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i felt a change a-comin’

Life sure is funny.

Not “ha ha” funny… more peculiar like… odd.

my life is changing so much in so many ways and most of them are good. Still, i have that odd feeling that comes when you’ve been roller-skating for hours and you slip off the wheels in favor of sneakers.


Discombobulating, eh?

i swear to god i knew how to walk before… but i got used to navigating the world one way and the shift is confusing as fuck.

Today was one of those f’d up days that didn’t really need to be. i was tied up in knots… and then at loose ends… back and forth…


loose ends…


loose ends…

In the end, reality wasn’t so awful… nothing so bad as i anticipated… things that were whispered in my brain didn’t sound nearly so terrible once released to the right ears. Changes? Yes… but not all bad at all.

Still… trying to regain my balance but i’ve got strong arms all around me and i’ll be okay i suspect (and i need to remember to ask for frickin’ help!)


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