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you and withOUT you

i had occasion to comment on fet today (on a post about the resurrection of the local energy group) and while typing i mentioned that meditation can help you get in touch with YOU and also with the withOUT you. That just lept to my fingers and out it went into cyberspace along with a postscript that i hoped it made sense.

Then i sat back and thought about that (and got a song stuck in my head) and i went to listen to the song (Yup, U2) and while the song is not about some sort of existential moment or about meditating, i was struck by the line… “and you give yourself away…”

One of the things we do as modern creatures (especially here in the states) is give ourselves away.

We give ourselves away to roles …

we become daughters sons mothers fathers lovers spouses

We give ourselves away to statuses…

we join the ranks of the rich poor intelligentsia uneducated boss employee

We give parts of ourselves away to fit culturally constructed expectations…

we are man woman genderqueer gay straight bi black white asian

We give up some of the sweetest parts of ourselves when we accept others’ judgments of our worth

We give ourselves away

And we keep giving ourselves away in bits and pieces

Meditation has helped me with this. It has helped me to see what is me and what is withOUT me… helped me to discern the difference between that which is part of my reality and that which is simply construct … what is important to me and what is only important to others. It is helping me figure out what i wish to keep in my life and what should be released.

It’s a process and one that i imagine will last my lifetime… but i am learning how to give to others openly and freely… to give OF myself without giving mySELF.

Generally, the music i choose is shared here because the subject matter lends itself well, or i’m in a certain mood. Today? The choice is purely based on language. After posting that to fet? i had this song stuck in my head. That is all…

with or without you…

damn, bono looks young here (and how did i never notice the leather vest before? context, eh?)

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