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regulus_sun_comparisoni dropped the spawn off at her apartment less than an hour ago and arrived at home. Before grabbing my purse out of the backseat, i checked my phone app and realized that i hadn’t logged enough walking. i didn’t even go in the house, turning instead to the sidewalk to get in my exercise.

With my purse still in the car (locked, C, no worries) i felt light and moved rather quickly. Where sidewalks petered off into grass, i stepped into the street for a bit. i smelled a late dinner emanating from one small house, and trash from the cans out in front of another. One back yard produced smoke from a fire pit and a block further it was the smell of pot in the air.

But the sky… that stole the show. The moon is bright and Jupiter and Venus are showing off. She would know that… but i confess, i had to look them up when i got home, such was my fascination with their brightness. Something called Regulus is freakishly high and bright… a star they say. Hm. One helluva big fucking star.

i wished to place a call then, to say, “look at the sky!”

So crisply blueblack it is tonight… the air still… not too hot and not too cold… and those three lights shining brightly in a sweep up to the moon… like the sky flourished a single jazz hand just for me. It was just beautiful. i wanted everyone to look up.

It was a good night for walking. i came in the house and looked at my remaining “to do” list and decided it simply was not going to get finished today. Nope. Not even. i will post to fet and tuck myself in and get an early start, i guess.

i cannot do what i wish to do and so i will do what i must and tomorrow will be… well, tomorrow.

But for tonight? i had the sky and the whole time i was walking… my brain was filled with silly little love songs.

From a sweet and sad film (with a soundtrack that i adore.. not for its technical greatness, but for its heart)

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