Music / Real life

miss the beat … you lose the rhythm

i’ve been running around today trying to get things done for work, my attorney, and PXS.

i can’t believe that PXS is the day after tomorrow!

i finally made it home for good just a few minutes ago and as i turned on my street, Van Halen came on the radio.

A helluva song with buddh-ish sentiments to be certain.

i pulled up to the house and let the song finish (don’t you love “driveway” songs?) and reflected on what C and i were talking about yesterday…  that i’ve been missing “the beat” a bit here of late in several areas of my life and it’s mostly because i haven’t been RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW.

i’m working on it.

Right now… i’m in love

Right now… i’m drinking sweet tea

Right now… i’m just minutes and heartbeats away from my bitch

Right now… the world is not so scary as it was all those years ago

Right now… i’m proud of who i am becoming

Right now… my spawn is across town working on English homework

Right now… my neighbors are not fighting

Right now… i am aware that less of my life lays before me than behind

Right now… i’m fucking lucky as hell to be HERE

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