Music / Real life

i wanna get you alone

i’m home from PXS and starting to recover some sleep… keeping the foot up a bit along the way. i worked today and am working into the night from the home office (aka… livingroom table) while listening to Melissa Etheridge.

Mmmm… thinking of the bitch tonight. i opened the weekend’s suitcase and found her black shirt there with a long strand of her hair and i smiled. i hungered for the feel of her body pressed against mine. Patience, bat… patience.

When work comes to a good stopping place … when my mind clears enough to allow me to rest…  i will lay in my bed wearing nothing but skin and think of her not so far away at all… in blue ( or black? or gray?).

i will close my eyes and see chapstick on a nightstand and hair splayed across a pillow. i will smell her and taste her as i drift to sleep thinking of a night not so far off when we trade city lights for forest and flame.

there’s no one to hear, baby, you might as well scream


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