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see your face, see your face

IMAG0849It was a rough day of work – a push to get some projects done and then some meetings. Meetings are always fun (not). There are still so many loose ends to take care of before i can take some well-deserved vacation time, but… ah well… not quite yet.

On the way home, i ran some errands and then i took care of a few emails before deciding that a nap was exactly what the doctor ordered.

After a nap, i had enough gumption (damn, i sound old) to mow the front and back and then? Well, then i was dirty enough to convince myself to move some pavers to edge around the hostas and to lay down some mulch. Why the hell not?

i don’t have enough money to do much, but i figured i’d just start working on little corners of my world until it gets done. It could take years… yup… and that’ll just have to be okay, i suppose.

i look at the tiny bits that are done and then the rest?

Wrinkle my nose…

i squint…

i stand and squint and look at the one little spot that’s by the shed and then i turn and look at just the corner that’s done by the AC unit.

That’s kinda funny to me …. squintingturningsquintingturning… so i snap a few photos and crop those areas in the picture so i can stop squinting. Whatever gets you through the night, eh?

IMAG0852i have loads to do on the computer now and the sun has set. i’m filthy though, having scrubbed only my hands, so i think i’ll grab a shower and then get down to business.

Tomorrow, i’ll wind north with C to spend time with chosen family and celebrate her birthday for a couple of days. That will be nice. i hope she enjoys it. my sweet bitch has seen lots of changes in her life and i’m fucking proud as shit of her and all she’s done. She deserves lotsa loving and the warm cocoon of her trees and fire and people… definitely her people.

i’m looking forward to simple hours – and love – and peace… yes, peace.

See you know
I don’t mean to hurt you
But we all know that I might
Nobody’s perfect baby

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