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dreams are on their way

i am Q. i am novice Q to be certain, but Q none-the-less.

Yesterday, i had a chance to be the seeker to other Q and i had a chance to receive… to receive counsel and love… to feel acceptance… to be challenged.

IMAG0907It’s not easy seeking.

i benefited from the experience and am grateful for it, but i am still processing. That’s okay. That’s to be expected, i suspect.

i slept in this morning for awhile and i did some yard work this afternoon. i still have a bit of walking to do and will do that in a bit, but i stopped to blog.

i was gifted some fern starts while out and about the past few days (thanks L&J and C for the help). Isn’t that awesome? It was unexpected. i hope they “take” where they are. i put an old section of ladder behind them with a very old birdhouse from my stash. i doubt any birds will use it, but it makes me smile. A few pieces of rope are looped there as well (for the birds to pick at if they wish… when they wish). i planted some bulbs late as well (they may not show this year as a result… hm… we’ll see).  i also got some chicks & hens for out front.

IMAG0893i did some burning of scrap while i was out there working and put out seed. i spotted a bluebird – and had a discussion with a robin that didn’t seem the least bit scared of me. Chattered away he (she?) did.

i raked up a bunch of stuff and finally gave up when i noticed the callouses coming. Oh, and the hostas i have from earlier? They are so happy, they are going to bloom this first season. Well, hello there!

The whole time i was working outside, i was reflecting on the Q experience i just had, though… and this song came to mind.

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