Music / Real life

it’s only words

IMAG0914Today found me back outside. i’m trying to sprinkle physical projects in with the cerebral ones to find some sort of harmony.

As i was planting, i kept thinking about this song from my childhood. i would have been a fresh new baby when this came out, but i remember hearing it and singing it so often. i sang it to the spawn when she was little.

IMAG0912There was another stanza though, in the one in my memory (Sing, in everlasting song…) but the voices of the Bee-Gees are the ones i remember (shudder, i know, i know).

And this song looped in my brain while i tucked the chicks and hens in among the rocks out front. i found two varieties of the plant i liked when i was up north and C surprised me with a totally different variety, so there are three kinds. i hope they do well. i also put the azalea bush in the ground – poor fellow – i’ve neglected him. You can hardly see him behind the lush plant in the foreground. He’ll grow, though and he’ll stand proud of the ones in front. He’ll be quite lovely, i think. i wonder why i’ve gendered him this way. Hm. Dunno. He just struck me as masculine – and not terribly happy that i left him in his pot so long. Sorry, dude.

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