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can we say that i’ve grown

two oliviasThe spawn and i have been binge-watching Fringe and consequently? my brain is solidly fixed on the fanciful notion that there could be parallel realities. One choice here sends ripples into another and another. In one universe, the leading lady is blonde. In the other universe, she is a redhead. On a rain-soaked city street today, she is both… all at once.

Ah, but i’m no leading man, so the leading lady issue may be a moot point, eh?

As i think about my life here of late… this much i know… about this plane of existence at least. i have done the best i can. Here. Now. i content myself with the knowledge that i’ve made the best choices that i could make and that my choices were made with good intent . Just like Walter (in the show), i know that my choices have brought other people pleasure and pain and likely in equal measure. They’ve brought pleasure and pain to my life as well.

Tomorrow i’ll make more choices, and the next day and the next.  i have no clue what those choices will be. i can say that now, funny. It has always been true but not something i’ve ever really faced, let alone given voice. i have no clue – but it will be the best that i can do… of that i am certain.

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