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really love to taste her… vanilla

2141265637_polls_ChocolateVanilla_xlarge_xlargeDating someone who is “vanilla” or outside of “the community” is slightly discombobulating. It’s not her… It’s just that i’ve become accustomed to the way we do things in our little bdsm world. We have all manner of shortcuts and buzzwords. We disclose so much about ourselves up front. When someone meets me in that community, they generally know about all of my current relationships (and most of my recent ones), they can read my fetish list, view my hard and soft limit lists, and they generally have seen me naked at least once! Hell, they may have seen me fuck.

So… beginning a relationship from scratch is different. It’s been years since i did this. i was up front about myself – perhaps a bit too candid. i coulda’ scared the crap out of her. Then? It was on to the blog… she dipped her toes in here and began reading. i was concerned that it could be overwhelming, but she’s handled it so far 😉

Last night, it was a trip to my fet profile. i thought it was important that she see the way i live there… the sorts of things i say about myself and my people, the kinds of photos i share. She’s been asking questions – i appreciate that – it’s so much better than assuming shit.

i am aware that it is a lot to take in. We are a crazy bunch, yes? i think it only fair that she have full disclosure, though, and so it goes.

And it is going… yesiree…  She claims to be vanilla but if she is? She’s like breyer’s french vanilla or sumpin’

i guess it’s all relative?

‘Cause this doesn’t taste or feel very vanilla at all

Ice cream photo courtesy of Dairy Queen… just keepin’ it real

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