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i did not desert you

Google is a bitch. Well, google CALENDAR is a bitch… and i don’t mean “bitch” in a good way. i mean…
That Google Calendar is a Biyatch
To be fair, it isn’t her fault. She only chimes in to remind me of the shit that i shared with her. Y’know, the stuff i felt worthy of remembering, but she’s no kind of friend, that one.

google boobsHey… why am i gendering “Google” Calendar?
Squirrel… off to GOOGLE GOOGLE

Ah… boobs.

Okay, so she’s a she today… for my purposes anyhow.
She’s a bitch.
i am minding my own business… toodling along… being all productive and then?

Dingalert from the bitch.

She is reminding me of something important… what could it be?
Ah… today… this afternoon, in fact, she thinks i’m at The Farm (as previously planned) and she thinks i’m sitting down with C to discuss expanding our fluid bonds… having been six months since that request was made. See, i thought i might be able to trust judgment enough to expand that bond at this point (yes, the irony does not escape me… no need to pound me over the head with it, thanks). i had promised we’d talk about it… today. i was serious. It went right into the google calendar. i’m not at The Farm and the conversation is fini.

Seeing the alert was just surprising, that’s all. i’d seen it not long ago and thought i had deleted it. Apparently, nope. Google Calendar isn’t smart enough to understand – she’s not that kind of friend. Not her fault… she’s just not very sensitive.

i deleted the calendar item/alarm… and then i was humming this old song so i went and dug it up. Nah, it doesn’t all apply to this situation (few songs do) but so much of it does… and i’m not sad… and only a bit annoyed by the calendar now that i’ve vented.  But she sure did sucker punch me a few minutes ago that Google Calendar… what a bitch.

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