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open to being

18The month of August is nearing its mid-mark, and it just may be the slowest month ever. Busy? Yup, i’m busy but it’s all manageable. Work issues are poking up in troubling ways, but my life otherwise is manageable. There are little hiccups here and there but i credit meditation (and the other skills i’ve been learning) with assisting as i face most of the unexpected stuff with some semblance of grace.

Enough about the troubles… life is fucking GOOD.

Hey, did you know that even a woman who eschews the cock can appreciate a Lenny Kravitz?

Smile… yes, baby, yes… i can Lenny Kravitz you again, and again, and again… no worries. 😉

Even though it happened in an unexpected way, it’s still no huge surprise to me that i am starting to fall in love. The universe is funny that way. i suppose that living in a “open” way just makes it that much easier for the gifts to be seen. It’s still a process for me – a constant reminder to self that i can trust, that i can allow people in, that it is worth living that way – even if it means pain gets in too sometimes.

Falling in love is always maddening fun, yes? Love isn’t always smart… or productive… but there is great joy to be had in it. This feels smart… and productive. This is goodness… no rush… no agenda… just open eyes and open heart and… “open to being” as Lenny says.

Heaven help her… i hope she is ready for me.

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