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11Silly bat.

i wait until it’s 11:11 to push PUBLISH on this. i suppose, though, that it is always “11:11” somewhere on the planet, yes? It’s 11:11 by my computer NOW.

Do i have any sort of attachment to that time? Nope. i know many people who do, though. Some people consider 11:11 to be an “angel message” while others simply see a math problem (If converting binary to decimal, i learned via dear uncle google, 1111 becomes simply 15). This is meaningless to me… smile.  i feel like the boy would understand that, though.

But here it is… my 11 for the day in pictorial form. Two hand carved spindles that are over a hundred years old… worn smooth with decades and soft to the touch.

And “eleven” means something to me today.

i roll it around in my mouth… eleven… eleven

Eleven days and eleven nights.

Eleven more opportunities to enjoy this… just this…  in its own sweet simplicity before heading down another path… wonderful in its own way.

Today is a good day to be bat.

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