Music / Original Writing

winds of change

So many changes in the lives of the people around me. i am feeling oddly settled. Funny, that feeling settled would be “odd” to me, but i am where i need to be and where i think i should be and so… i stand watching the changes swirling around me. i wish to ease the anxiety of others, but of course… all i can do is offer support and hold space for them. i find myself watching almost quizzically at the choices some people make and smile at the decisions others arrive at.
Ah, and i feel deep sadness when i see sorrow or suffering that follows for some when the options they select are less than wise.

i control none of it.

i could not if i tried.

i look with sweetness at one person in particular and hold her hand – and my eyes soften and my lip turns slightly into a smile.

i am enjoying watching her move in the world.

i hope she feels the full measure of my love.

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