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wherever we stand

shoesIt’s been over a month since i wrote here.


The seasons have flipped with unexpected speed for me this year. Suddenly, the bones are aching as i adjust awkwardly to the chilly air and darkness. Even that extra hour (thanks, Daylight-Saving-Time) can’t help.

This morning – like most – she steps out into the “real world” far earlier than i. It is unusual to be the one saying goodbye –  as someone other than me climbs into a car heading to their big-girl desk. i’m the one waving.

i flip the deadbolt and find the dogs are already burrowing into their respective blankets. i putter about the house and then i begin finding them…

little love notes…

notes that affirm …

notes that remind me of how she sees me…

One note even nods to the difficulty i had finding sleep last night.

As i find these little bits of her love tucked around the house, i smile and nearly cry.

Such sweetness in this woman – and a gift for my tired soul. She fixes nothing but she offers me her hand. She demands nothing of me but makes me want to do so much for her… for myself.

i know her track record and she knows mine. That might make lesser women run scared … i giggle… because we joke about tennis shoes at the ready… i glance over to them and pause to snap ’em. We are not stupid women and we understand that this… none of this… is promised or guaranteed.

i love you, baby… and ya’ know what?  i’m gonna love you…

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