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Don’t Care What You Say… Inviting You Anyway

I just made the questionable decision to read the recent posts from all of my friends on facebook. I don’t have that many on there under the “wawbat” name.

Ah, but then? It got worse as I skipped around to some of the posts they’ve been liking and/or commenting on and I want to give this voice:

I have friends who believe all manner of things. I have friends who hold very serious opinions and beliefs on topics like: God, gods, Goddesses, Buddha, Fae, Chem-trails, Abortion, Guns, Politics, Sex, Kink, Magic, Woo, Environment, Crime, Gender… you name it. Some of my friends are rational. Some of my friends test the boundaries of reason.

I truly dislike Donald Trump, but I won’t unfriend somebody simply because that person likes Trump. I won’t unfriend someone just because they are a Christian. Hell, I have a friend who has a southern flag in their profile pics and anyone who knows me knows that bat doesn’t care for that shit at all. Still, it is my choice to keep them on the list for now. If/when I unfriend them, that’s my choice.

Guess what?

You have the same right.

Unfriend me if I offend your sensibilities.

I get rubbed the wrong way by folks telling me that I should unfriend someone based on fill-in-the-blank. It feels disrespectful to me. It feels like middle-school. I am an intelligent adult person. I can make sound decisions. I am capable of maintaining love and respect for people holding seemingly divergent opinions. I often learn the most from folks with whom I have little in common. Those who engage in thoughtful and respectful debate with me open all manner of intellectual and spiritual doors to me. I was raised a bible-thumpin’ conservative. Along the way, discourse provided me with an alternative. I embrace those opportunities still.

Ah, but when I realize that someone online or in real-life is slowing my growth or bringing out the worst in me? If someone is cruel or disrespectful? If somebody brings more toxicity than nourishment to my spirit? Then I unfriend them or simply let them slip away. I have much to learn from so many of you – I’d like to keep learning it.

4c4c9d10b001c43aa81191581380f898I value my voice. I value and respect the voice of others. I will continue enjoying the beautiful diversity of friends in my life even if I am baffled by some of the chatter. It makes a bat want to go in search of a cute puppy meme or something.

Ah, there’s one now… sigh… such a cutie, even when unhappy.

Now, I’ll do a quick meditation and call it a night (should have done that BEFORE I read posts)


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