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Stand by me

12565511_10207151192571022_2872544243398464215_nI’m capable of grand gestures. I’ve made them before (and likely will again) but they aren’t always necessary and sometimes they simply don’t feel right.

And so it was with my woman… when the jokes and light references had come and gone… when the rhythm of our joined lives began to create a new song of its own… that I chose to ask officially on a regular evening (not valentine’s day or an anniversary of some sort) with nobody around but us and the furbabies.

I enlisted the help of the oldest four-legged child while I snuggled in the bed waiting for S to come in. She had joked – early in the relationship – that it simply wouldn’t work if I didn’t love her dogs… lol… and I do.  So I figured I’d best ask their blessing.

With their help, I asked.

She said yes.

And now will come all the details and arrangements which are fun and yet tedious… and altogether unimportant, really, because she said yes.

I told my friend D that it is perhaps cliche’ (smile). Two educators, one a lesbian and the other a bisexual, sharing a life together. I think there have been several movies made about this, right? Ah, but this is no movie… it is simply life and it is a good life and one with purpose and compassion and love – much love.

I do not kneel at her feet. She does not kneel at mine. Sometimes she leads and I follow. Other times I step out first.  It’s a different way of being and moving in the world. We support one another. We offer a shoulder without feeling the need to shoulder each others’ burdens.

She stands by me. I am honored that she does.

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