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I’m going in…

UntitledBeen awhile since I posted. I got a cold and then something else and then… something extra nasty. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but whether it is simple coincidence or magick, the fact remains: I felt worse and worse until I decided to feel the fuck better (and had plenty of antibiotics, wink).

Last night I started listening to nudges… I set intent… I gathered my juice (the ethereal variety)… and I gave it to the universe. I stopped fighting a niggling snake visual I’d been getting, I relaxed into what I know and want and am… and it started to break loose.

The headache went first. That was a relief. Next a bit of the kidney pain. Is it over? No. Better, but slow and steady.

I’ll keep listening to the medical folks I trust, remember to breathe… and be willing to take the help I get from out there as well. I just needed a little help.

The Lily Allen song is about performers and competition,
but I take from it what I wish… I’ve gloved up…
fuck the sick… and silence to the things that keep me from health…





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