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As the images unwind

fotografia_55You know HOW you know you are with having a regular old-fashioned INTERACTION? When people forget to take pictures!

S was just commenting tonight that we didn’t get pictures at her birthday party.

We didn’t take a group shot, or a shot of her opening gifts at home or cards there.

There’s no photo of the cake or of our trivia cards (yes, baseball sucks, there I said it!)

We don’t have any electronic proof that a tiny band of humans spent an evening together at Slammers and that we laughed – a lot – and ate decadent cake to celebrate another year on this planet earth.

Imagine that! Does that mean it didn’t happen? Giggle. “Pics or it didn’t happen” is a favorite challenge in my circle of friends. Ah, but sometimes the pictures… what we see in those pictures? Did NOT happen. Pictures are deceptive. It’s nice to take all the pics, but sometimes it is goodness to simple experience the fucking experience. 

Tonight, I’m reminded of an oldie but goodie… A song I revive tonight, after singing it in my brain. I  find it online complete with the “stripper” I didn’t get her last night 🙂

Absence of photos? Proof positive that it happened 🙂

Now, I’m going to wash the dishes and go find her in our bed…  on this – the first night of her next year on the planet. No pics of this either!

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