Music / Original Writing

We’ve got to dance and be in love

IMAG6253_1 (1)This is crazy warm hot weather for April in Ohio.

Ah, but it is pretty, certainly, and ripe with promise.


It’s my second favorite season, so I’m not unhappy about its arrival. Got my girl by my side and I’m above ground. Sure, the world is going to hell in a hand-basket some days, but it’s also… ripe with promise.

On my way into the office yesterday, I met up with Geese after snapping this picture. Geese with attitudes. A young man watched me step off the sidewalk to give the gander ample room because he seemed exceptionally protective of his goose. Still, with all my careful navigating, Mr. Gandier-than-thou still got peeved. I said something to the silly creature and the young man said simply, “Geese are assholes.”

True enough.

But, then, it’s their sidewalk, too.

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