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Turning… turning

Today marks the one year anniversary of an accident (not mine) that involved a new friend. I saw M’s post today about the impact of that day (wow) and I reflected on this last year of mine.

Good Lord! Such changes to experience. We all swirl about in this “thing called life” (nod to the Prince) and sometimes we skip and take it all in stride with grace and dignity. Other times we flop about like a fish out of water or stumble down unfamiliar streets as if drunk.

It’s rough and messy and exhausting when the struggle is upon us… when we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin or the pain overwhelms any pleasure we can find. It’s hard – this business of life is fucking hard.

KISSEventually, I’d say most of us come out “right” and I keep humming a very old song from my childhood. It’s a Shaker hymn. Of course, the “turning turning” has many meanings but today, I am taking this: There is a smoothness that comes when you lay down some of what “ought to be” or “could be” and to just BE.

Easier said than done, eh?

I seem to make things ever-so-complicated.

Ah, but I find the “rightness” of it more often. It’s a continuous process. I can get inspiration from people like M who pick up shattered pieces and move forward. Sweet S teaches me a lot about this, too. She sees the rightness in things and people that I am blinded to sometimes… blinded by my past or my preconceived notions. She sets me back on my haunches from time to time… and I get to tilt my head quizzically and wonder… “why IS it that I think that way about…”

And more turning… turning…

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