Music / Real life

Crescent Noon

sun-681844_960_720I grew up to the music of Karen Carpenter, Nat King Cole, and Johnny Mathis. Sprinkled in around them? Ridiculous Spike Jones and sad Jim Reeves. Lots of classical music served as the backdrop as I read from the shelves of my father’s study. At grandma’s there was Lawrence Welk and on the rare occasions when we visited someone’s home where television existed? I’d hear things like the BeeGees (so foreign they seemed to me… truthfully they still do). My classmates would speak of groups like Styx and Led Zeppelin but it would be years later that I’d hear that music… or Meatloaf and Abba.

I rather thought I’d exhausted these musical catologs over the years. What is left to hear? Today, an autoplay on a music video led me to this. Never have I heard it, so sad, so beautiful. Perhaps I am the only one who missed it along the way. That is all today… her pitch perfect voice echoing from beyond the grave.

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