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Reincarnation… or sumpin’ akin to it

Nearly two years ago, I posted about a sangha dharma talk.  The take-home for me was simply this:

I am potential incarnate

purple.jpgI’ve thought about it many times in the days since. I’ve shared that sentiment with others, especially the young adults with whom I rub elbows. YOU ARE potential INCARNATE. It crosses my mind especially when I’m tending plants, or people, in some fashion. I find that as I get older… I have a wee bit more patience with both.

We aren’t just potential once, we have that power to reinvent ourselves, over and over again. We are not simply potential incarnate, we are potential REincarnate. The ability to rise up again – after a period of hibernation – akin to a perennial. To stretch and grow, to die back and rest, to follow the sun, to nourish things around us, and yes, to die at some point… but even then…  to give our energy to some other form of life. It’s amazing.

We’ve been watching the Olympics off and on and I’m fascinated by what they can do  and saddened by the fact that many of us that could also do… don’t… for a variety of reasons. I think of all the children who do not have the opportunity to realize their full potential or even a modicum of it.

This morning, I woke to S checking on me (I’d overslept) and then I heard her call out from the livingroom,

“Hey baby, your flower bloomed”

Simple enough, but see, the flower in question was destined to be tossed out at Giant Eagle. It was a hibiscus that was sad and dry and emblazoned with a bright yellow discount sticker. Poor fella. I brought it home and planted it with the other flowers and figured… why not give it a chance? It might look a bit out-of-place with all the purple flowers, but nature isn’t so tidy (or organized, eh?).

Within two days, its arms were budding up properly and all day yesterday, I watched one bud swell. Silly, perhaps, but I found it utterly exciting.

And it has arrived…a wondrous bright tissue paper thin blossom. Soon it will be joined by others.


Potential Incarnate

hibiscus bud.jpg


Simple and stunning. Each flower and each person in their own way and in their own time.  A special thank you to S for taking pictures this morning while my eyes were still blurry from sleep 😉

In honor of the Olympics and of all the potential (physical, emotional, spiritual) in all of us… a song I’ve shared at least once before (Nikki Yanofsky’s version of “I Believe” for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010)

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