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i did a thing

A long time ago… i thought about writing this book. Fast forward through a lot of shit and some pauses (for good reasons and silly ones as well) and I’m done with the project.

cover version 2 The Collar.jpgMy intent was to publish it via paperback only, but then I thought… why not a streamlined e-book as well? As luck would have it, the e-book is out ahead of the paperback. The proof is on its way to me to review and then the paperback will be available on Amazon and at limited kink events as well. Here’s a sneak book at the cover for the paperback. It makes me smile.

So, yeah… I did a thing.

And it feels cool but also ever-so-slightly terrifying. I feel oddly vulnerable. Funny how writing like this can feel so different from writing “for work” or in a more technical fashion. Perhaps because it IS less formal? because it is personal to me? Or maybe it’s simply a function of my all-or-nothing tendencies. I know it will have mistakes. It is not perfect. It is what it is… and that’s hard for me to sit with (hence the angst…. smile).

A nod to D who sat with me last Friday when I gnashed my emotional teeth over the fear of pressing “publish” and who asked me to remember what my INTENT was for writing it. Had I finished what I set out to do? Yes? Then why not publish?



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