Original Writing / Real life

Thing1 and Thing2

So, I recently posted that I did “a thing”


That THING-1 was a book and its e-book/kindle version. Woot!

And THING-2? A book for littles!

41LrbhxNIDL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_THE COLLAR (available on Amazon now!) is the full journal/planner with all of the journaling sections in back. You can also purchase copies from the community vendor, Blossom Trading Company at their booths at kink and alt conferences.

THE COLLAR FOR KINDLE (also available on Amazon) contains all the front material but allows the reader to create their own journaling system using paper journals or online formats.


little flags book assorted.pngLITTLE FLAGS: An Activity Book for Littles (on Amazon) contains numerous coloring and activity pages along with mazes, word searches, and a section for documenting naughty behavior. This activity book is also vended by Blossom Trading Company at local events.  Psst… this is book on in “kame bat’s books for littles” so expect more!



There are several projects in development, so I’ll keep you posted!



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