[watza wawbat?]

last updated 12/10/2015

If you are here…you are either curious about “waw” or “bat” or “wawbat” or… you’re just very bored.

  • wawbat is the name i originally chose to express my non-vanilla personality online. In time, wawbat came to be two distinct things… the wawbat… and the bat.
  • bat is my serious “adult” name… it was given to me as my slave name (fill in the appropriate title that will help you to conceptualize this or ask me about it). After leaving that power exchange relationship, I opted to keep the name as it is more authentically me than my “real” name ever was.
  • If we are lucky enough to know each other in “real” life, you may know my “real” name. You won’t see it here. Nor will you see identifiable photographs of me.You’ll just need to accept and respect that boundary or move along.

Where did i get the name w.a.w.b.a.t. originally?

It’s not that interesting. Simply the first letters of the lines from one of my favorite poems by Rupert Brooke. A moniker, y’know. You didn’t think i’d use my real name, didja?


If you’d like to put me in a box, its labels would likely be:

  • Mother but for obvious reasons, my daughter (aka… the spawn) is a bit player here in my blog. i respect her privacy and she knows little of what i do here.
  • Polyamarous (i have lived a monogamous life previously and it is possible, but not a great fit for me. i practice polyamory)
  • Bisexual or Pansexual or Fluid ( i am attracted to personalities. If that personality inhabits a female’s body, that isn’t a deal breaker, not at all)
  • Liberal (politically, socially, sexually)
  • Bio Female (always have been, probably always will be)
  • submissive (more than i ever knew) to lovers, generally speaking
  • Kinky
  • Masochistic with a Switchy Side (i like pain… to feel it in responsible ways and to see others feel it… sometimes i like to inflict it)
  • Smart, Funny, Well-educated, Employed... all that good stuff too

If you have questions about these things? Feel free to ask in a respectful way.

If you feel the need to “pray for me” and you really must? Go ahead and do so but i don’t need to hear about it. That’s between you and your god(s).

My Bucket List:

Curiosities… just things that make me wonder… hey, what is that like?

i may drop things in here from time to time.



My Anti-Bucket List:

i acknowledge the full range of human experience and firmly believe in every human’s right to do whatever the hell they want to do -so long as it is consensual and causes no real harm- yet, i am acutely aware that there are some roads i just can’t travel.

Some of these choices are common-sense ones (imho) because of the real risk to health,some are off the table because there can be no consent in the activity. Some may surprise you (as in, “Did she really need to tell me that, of course she’s not into that“).  A few are just personal choices, and i know you’ll respect that.

This list is obviously not all inclusive and certainly subject to change.

Legal Shit

It’s the internet, right? We all know that the place is bat-shit crazy with images, music, and video. It is often difficult or impossible to figure out whose intellectual property we’re looking at. If i know the original artist, photographer, etc… i will tell you. When i don’t, i won’t. i respect the creative process. If you see work on my blog that is yours – please let me know so i can give you credit or remove the material (per your request).

Conversely, don’t lift my work and reproduce it without proper credit and NEVER – EVER – use my creative property  for profit.

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