[ask me]

ask a batIf you have a burning question… a brain itch that you’d like to scratch? Ask bat.

If you have any other itching or burning, please seek medical attention. Immediately.

Here’s how this works: you send me a question and i’ll consider answering it. i’m on fetlife and facebook under this name. Heck i’m all sorts of places under “wawbat” and that should scare ya’ just a bit. i’m here… as well… down below (Comments, anyone?)


  • i may answer your question and i may not (…it’s my party…)
  • Since i am not omniscient, my responses may be accurate or questionable or just plain ridiculous.
  • i’m not responsible for any stupid things you do based on my responses.
  • i’m not licensed to practice medicine/law in ANY state in ANY union ANYwhere.
  • When teachers told you there were “no stupid questions” they lied. Yes, there are stupid questions. Feel free to try one or two out on me and see what happens. Oh pleeeeze do.
  • Erections lasting longer than four hours… oh wait… never-mind… you go right ahead with your hard self

Do you believe in God?

i dunno. Seriously. Ask me tomorrow and you may get a more definitive response. i consider myself to be agnostic, but i believe there is something bigger than me.

Do you have kids?

Yes, i have one adult daughter. i refer to her in this blog as “the spawn” quite often. Her privacy is a priority.

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