In the real vanilla world, i have a Resume, but this sort of information simply cannot make its way onto that Curriculum Vitae (for reasons that are likely obvious).

Conversely, my 9-5 skill set won’t be detailed here but suffice it to say i’ve got mad skills (gigglesnort) and i’d be happy to discuss those with people who need to know. i’m going to assume that you -dear reader- don’t need to know… not just yet.

Last updated: June 2017bat's resume header



  • i was collared to a Leather Master (Master Daniel Belum) from the beginning of 2012 through December of 2015
  • Ours is/was a Leather Family
  • i still claim place in the Leather Community and likely always will


  • i completed Path of the Qadishtu Level One training in 2014 and took part in the graduation at COPE 2014 at the Scarlet Sanctuary


What’s In Your Wallet: Building a Service Kit

Class Length: 45 to 75 minutes (depending on event needs)
Preferred Delivery Style: PowerPoint with Props
Audience Participation/Practice: Attendees are encouraged to begin building their own “kits” and provided with elements to do so

This class is not only for submissives and slaves, but for anyone who wants to be prepared for life’s little unexpected needs. This class covers how to assemble a service kit or a “go bag” for service, events, parties, and everyday needs. Attendees receive guidance on choosing, outfitting, and maintaining the right bag for their individual relationship dynamic. This class provides practical tools for creating a bag for yourself, your submissive, or to better serve your D-Type. Like McGyver, you’ll “always be prepared for adventure!”


Putting yourSELF into your SELFies AKA No more duck lips!

Class Length: 30 to 60 minutes (depending on event needs)
Preferred Delivery Style: PowerPoint
Audience Participation/Practice: attendees are encouraged to take selfies and assisted as they edit them

Explore the world of selfies as we attempt to banish “duck lips” forever (unless duck-lips are really your thing).  Selfies are so prevalent and so easy to produce, but we often forget that they serve as miniature visual autobiographies. We’ll look at real-life examples of the tragedies and triumphs that result when people turn the camera on themselves and discuss the importance of putting yourSELF into your SELFies.  Attendees also learn tips on editing and re-sizing images in-the-phone so they are more fet-friendly. Please be prepared to fire up your cell phone or basic camera to practice during class.



Silent Auction Coordinator:


  • Game Nights (Board Games @ The Room), 2012-2015


  • Co-Owned/Lead the Columbus Bargain Thrifters (with MrM), 2013-2015

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