If i include something here, i’ve either touched it, tasted it, read it, experienced it, or have someone near and dear to me that has.

If there comes a time when i include something here that i might profit from personally? i’ll be explicit. This isn’t about me soliciting for myself… it’s about me trying to connect folks with things that might be of benefit to them.

i’ll keep adding here as i think of things, but if you are searching for something and it isn’t here? Feel free to post a comment and maybe i can point you in the right direction or suggest someone who can.




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Conquer Me: girl-to-girl wisdom about fulfilling your submissive desires (by Kacie Cunningham)

Own the electronic version. Found it both fun to read and helpful in my own path. i do NOT recommend this book unless you are – or think you are – a submissive/slave/lower-case-letter-type. It would be more helpful for women who submit to males (in my opinion) but to others it could also be of use. Available on Amazon.

Life, Leather and the Pursuit of Happiness: Life, history and culture in the leather/BDSM/fetish community (by Steve Lenius)

Own the electronic version. This is a collection of essays/articles that he published over the years. i highly recommend for anyone interested in “Leather” be it Old Guard/new/whatever. While some hets might feel like the odd-man-out (so to speak) they’ll get over it. Very good book. Available many places… including Amazon.

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself (by Shad Helmstetter)

A way of examining the things we say to ourselves and re-writting those scripts.  The first half of the book was better – in my opinion – because in the second half, Helmstetter starts hawking his tapes. i’ve no experience with them… they might be great, but it felt like an infomercial at that point. i enjoyed the book and found it very helpful and would recommend it. i bought the e-book version through Amazon.

Living M/s; A Book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships (by Dan and dawn Williams)

Own it. Read it. Loved it. It’s written from the perspective of the Master and from the viewpoint of slave as well. A “He said/she said” format that works very well as they handle topics chapter-by-chapter. Available on Amazon or… better yet? Contact them directly and buy it from them at an event they attend. They’ll sign it and they’ll actually make a bit of money rather than it all going to the publisher or Amazon.

Sex, Stories and Power Exchange: Adventures – And Lessons – Of A Naughty Power Exchange Couple (by Dan and dawn Williams)

Own it. Read it. Loved it. Made me wet. So… this is the sexy stories that emerge from a couple living in a Power Exchange Relationship 24/7. If you are interested in the dynamics of the relationship… read the “Living M/s” book they wrote too. This Sex book is just that… yummy… but not about the PE. You can get it on Amazon, but they sell this one directly too, so if you can? Buy it from the authors.



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