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Some people drift in and out of your life, bringing joy or sorrow but seemingly without purpose. Others seem to arrive with a mission. Reflecting on your time with them makes you want to believe in fate… in a higher power… because their arrival seems more than serendipitous. One such visitor in my life was … Continue reading

Original Writing


Thirst ~wawbat~ He commanded her first tear then summoned another another another drop joining drop pooling in his cupped hands her own salty sorrows offered back to quench her thirst   When I know who has created a work of literature, art, graphic, etc, I give credit where credit is due. Extend me the same … Continue reading

Original Writing

please wake me

The English 101 assignment was to write a haiku in simple 5-7-5 and to make sure it was about something natural. My classmates penned about rain, lilies, ponds and butterflies, if memory serves. I produced the following. I don’t think she liked it, but I got an ‘A’. From the wawbat archives: Alarm clocks are … Continue reading